04 April, 2022

Time for the new gift on your money transfer

Time for the new gift on your money transfer


Time for the new gift for your money transfer! The spring campaign for international money transfers started in Liberty.

Within the Campaign:

  • Every 5th customer who receives an international money transfer of at least GEL 200 (Or equivalent in any currency) via any Liberty channel during the promotion will be rewarded with a branded wristwatch.
  • Any customer who does not have a Liberty Universal Account yet and carries out an international money transfer operation (receiving / sending) will receive a standard package as a gift when opening a new account and will use it for 6 months for free.

Receiving money transfers at Liberty is available at both branches and ATMs of Liberty, as well as in Online and Mobile banking.

At the same time, when receiving and/or sending an international money transfer, customers will benefit from a special, best exchange rate.

The campaign started on April 6 and will continue until May 31.

* One unique customer, during the whole period of the promotion, will be rewarded a maximum of 2 times.

* The winners will be able to receive the prize in any branch of their choice.

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