07 August, 2020

New cash withdrawal service from card for Liberty customers in "Nikora Supermarket" network

New cash withdrawal service from card for Liberty customers in "Nikora Supermarket" network


In the period of pandemic, Liberty introduced a new product for its customers in partner companies - Card Payment | Cashing service, which allows social card holders to receive up to 50 GEL in cash from their card account when paying by card. From today, in addition to the leading pharmacy networks, this service has become available in "Nikora Supermarket" throughout Georgia.

New service of Liberty aims to enable customers to access banking services wherever they go on a regular basis. "Nikora Supermarket" is one of the most successful networks in Georgia. At this stage, the company owns 242 trade objects, of which 191 are located in Tbilisi and the rest in different regions of Georgia.

Cash withdrawal service is easy to use - when purchasing products for at least 5 GEL in "Nikora Supermarket", social card holders can also request cash withdrawal from the supermarket cash desk. The one-time cash withdrawal should not exceed 50 GEL.

"We are glad that our two-year cooperation with" Nikora Supermarket "continues with another new project. This time, we have come together for a new purpose, to offer our customers the banking services where they go most often. It is also important to increase the motivation to use a secure payment method in a pandemic and to reduce the need for an additional visit at bank if cash is required. Partnership with "Nikora Supermarket" is especially important for us in this project. We would like to thank the company's management and service staff for their high social responsibility”- Giorgi Makaridze, Director of Liberty Retail Banking Services.

The partnership between “Nikora Supermarket” and Liberty within the framework of various projects has been going on for two years already. From 2018, for any Liberty Social Card holder, there are permanent discounts on up to 350 products of different denominations in the supermarket network. A year ago, Nikora became friendly company of loyalty program of Liberty, cashback, which allows any Liberty cardholder to enjoy the highest cashback when purchasing any product at Nikora Supermarket.

Social card payment | Cashing service for Liberty customers is also available at Aversi, PSP and Pharmadepot pharmacy networks across the country.