Following text is constructed in accordance to order #110/1 of JSC “Liberty Bank’s” CEO dated year 2017

Complaint review procedure

Aim of the procedure: 

  • To regulate the process of accepting customers’ complaints towards retail / corporate banking products or services via verbal, written or in digital form. 
  • To ensure compliance with the order #151/04 (December 23, 2016) of the President of National Bank of Georgia and provide full, necessary, clear, true and timely means to the resolution of the complaint and to ensure consistent delivery of this information. Processes are not regulated if:
    • The financial organization has already in writing or digitally reviewed the complaint in question by the same customer and there are no new substantial facts or circumstances in relation to this subject
    • The complaint is about the rejection of financial organization to deliver financial products, except when the financial organization is obliged to provide the financial service and/or product; or 
    • The reason for complaint is delaying or rejecting to provide financial services, which are coming from the current legislation, including the law “On Facilitation of Prevention of Illicit Income Legalization” of Georgia. 

Reviewing Process

  • Consumers can file complaints at branches and service centers JSC “Liberty Bank”
  • Complaints may be submitted either in written form or digitally (without limitations – on corporate website and / or via email and / or verbally
  • Complaint cases, including digital complaints accumulate in the consumer protection department. Consumer protection department coordinates required processes in-between departments at the bank’s headquarters, preparing statements and sending texts containing complaint resolution outcomes to customers. 
  • Accepting, reviewing and replying to customer should take no longer than 1 Month. 


By filling out and submitting this complaint form you agree to the following statements


  • Information included in the form is completely accurate and true in nature
  • I am in possession of all required rights for submitting this form
  • I am fully responsible for any damage that may be caused by me submitting this complaint
  • Complaint submitted digitally has equal legal strength to the physical one
  • To learn more valuable information about the consumer rights please visit National Bank of Georgia's website: or by calling the hotline - +995 322 406 406


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