09 September, 2021

New team and strategy of Liberty Bank

New team and strategy of Liberty Bank


Liberty Bank CEO Mr. Vasil Khodeli presented a new team and development strategy for the Bank.

With the largest banking network in Georgia and serving the clients representing older generation for many years, Liberty announces that the Bank is entering a new phase of development and its new strategic goal is to become a universal financial institution for clients of all ages and needs.

“New Liberty for a new life” – the strategy that new management team of the Bank presented to the public today to achieve this goal, consists of several important guidelines:

  • Creation of individual products tailored to the customers;
  • Implementation of the highest quality services;
  • Offering new segments the development of retail, small, medium and agro business;
  • Much attention is paid to introducing a strong, sustainable and open corporate culture into the Bank’s strategy.

One of the most important strategic guidelines of Liberty is corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this regard, Mr. Vasil Khodeli announced a new platform, within which a CSR Supervisory Board will be created in cooperation with local NGOs and international organizations, independent experts with the involvement of the Bank’s management.

In the near future, Liberty will present to the public a new platform of social responsibility, will submit it to the Supervisory Board along with the priorities in terms of implementation and support of long-term and sustainable corporate responsibility programs.

Today, together with the new Liberty team, we have presented a new vision and strategy for the company. Simple, comprehensible, accessible, thoughtful and caring are the values of each member of our Liberty team. It is these value-based services that we want to offer our clients. Liberty is one of the country’s systemic banks and the largest employing company. There are 5,000 people behind our plans and goals, serving more than 1.6 million customers every day. I think that our goal – to improve and change the lives of our clients, their families and their businesses, constantly offering customized products and services – will allow us to see the new Liberty in a different and exciting context,” said Mr. Vasil Khodeli, CEO of Liberty Bank.