14 June, 2022

Liberty initiative in the regions - "Business Dialogue" continues

Liberty initiative in the regions - "Business Dialogue" continues


Liberty continues its series of meetings with representatives of the agro and business sector as part of the "Grow Your Business" campaign. This initiative started in Kakheti and this time Liberty, together with its partners, met with representatives of the agro and business sector in Guria and Samegrelo regions.

Invited speakers of the Business Dialogue were the representatives of Liberty, the Rural Development Agency, the State program Produce in Georgia, and New Vision Insurance, who spoke about all the opportunities for the development of agriculture and small business that will help existing companies today to grow their own business even more.

"The new initiative of Liberty "Business Dialogue" is a series of regional meetings, in the framework of which, together with partners, meetings with representatives of agro, small, and medium businesses are held in all regions of Georgia. The purpose of these meetings is to have a direct connection with both current and potential customers in the regions. A dialogue format is a good way to get as close as possible to entrepreneurs, share experiences and explore the needs and wishes of agro and business companies. Also, to introduce opportunities offered by Liberty and projects planned with our partners. We hope that such meetings will be fruitful for both the bank and the business and that sharing ideas will help to create new banking offers and work closely with small and medium-sized businesses." – Vazha Menabde, MSME Banking Director of Liberty.

One of the main goals of the agency "Produce in Georgia" is to support local businesses, for which the agency, in cooperation with financial institutions, implements various types of support programs. We think that the business dialogue format meetings initiated by Liberty Bank, especially after the post-pandemic period, are also very important and necessary. On the one hand, there is an increase in awareness about state programs, and on the other hand, entrepreneurs are allowed to use the resources of commercial banks, and leasing companies and, at the same time, use the mechanisms of state financial support" – Teona Babunashvili, "Produce in Georgia", Head of the State Programs Management Service, Department of Small and Medium Business Development.

"It is very important for the Rural Development Agency that the detailed conditions of all the projects implemented by us are properly provided to potential beneficiaries. It is also necessary to know the benefits that the customers can receive from different state or joint programs. Therefore, the new initiative of Liberty, to have a conversation in a dialogue format in the regions with agro and small entrepreneurs, will naturally help to get feedback on these projects directly from the stakeholders and will make it easier for us to improve existing programs." – Giorgi Jibladze, Deputy Director of the Rural Development Agency.

"We have been cooperating with Liberty in the field of agro-insurance for 2 years now and we try to participate as much as possible in all the meetings initiated by Liberty in the regions, with potential borrowers and existing customers. Our goal is to develop agro-insurance in all regions of Georgia and after successful activities in Kakheti, Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions, to become more active in Guria and Samegrelo regions together with Liberty. Therefore, the new initiative "Business Dialogue" will facilitate more productive cooperation between different business sectors and provide farmers with direct information about both insurance and banking products." - Zaza Khosroshvili CEO of New Vision Insurance.

Liberty will hold "Business Dialogue" meetings throughout the summer in all regions of Georgia.