14 June, 2022

Full banking services for people living in rural areas

Full banking services for people living in rural areas


The process of opening community centers for customers living in rural areas began 10 years ago with the aim of which was providing quality state and banking services to the rural population and improving local infrastructure. Liberty has been actively involved in developing this program since the project's inception and is currently represented in 88 community centers located in large villages and district centers across the country.

In community centers, customers can use more than 200 services in a comfortable environment without leaving their village. On a so-called “one window” basis, customers can obtain a passport/ID card, carry out the registration of the real estate, obtain a cadastral plan or archival service, and more. In addition, with a Liberty representative located in the community centers, local as well as people from nearby villages can use full banking services:

International money transfer, the special conversion rate for money transfers, government tax payment service, services for pension and social accounts, consumer loans, individual account services, deposits, credit cards, and money transfer services.

There are fast payment machines and ATMs in the buildings of Community centers, and customers can use remote banking services daily, including on weekends.

Liberty Service Centres located in community centers: