02 September, 2022

The highest cashback for the new school year is returned only for Liberty cardholders

The highest cashback for the new school year is returned only for Liberty cardholders


The loyalty program of Liberty - CashBack is starting a traditional pre-school promotion: from September 5, any Liberty cardholder will be able to get up to 50% cashback. As part of the promotion, until September 12, owners of both Visa and MasterCard cards of Liberty will have the opportunity to instantly get the highest CashBack on their account from the amount paid in the partner facilities participating in the promotion.

Partner facilities where customers can take advantage of the pre-school promotion:

  • 5 September - Liloshop – 30% CashBack
  • 6 September - Miniso – 40% CashBack
  • 7 September - Posteration – 50% CashBack
  • 8 September - Pepela – 40% CashBack
  • 8 September -Cosmo – 50% CashBack
  • 9 September - Tavrieli – 40% CashBack
  • 9 September - xs toys – 40% CashBack
  • 10 September - Archevani– 50% CashBack
  • 11 September  - Rumor – 50% CashBack
  • 11 September - Glasses Gallery – 50% CashBack
  • 12 September - Biblusi – 40% CashBack

The rules for joining the promotion and getting the highest CashBack are simple:

  • Download the CashBack app or go to
  • Activate the desired partner facility offer *
  • Pay with a Liberty Visa card
  • Always request a Liberty terminal!

* To activate the offer, download the CashBack app: iOS | Android or visit the website If you are already a Liberty Internet / Mobile Bank user, you will be logged in to the CashBack app with the same data. If you do not yet use Liberty Internet / Mobile Banking, simply register. After logging in, select the partner facility object in the CashBack app, click the "Activate" button, and when paying with a Liberty card at the Liberty terminal for the next month, get your money back instantly.

Liberty Loyalty Program brings together up to 400 CashBack partner companies. CashBack is the only loyalty program in Georgia with a mobile application that combines all offers on one platform.