Corporate Accounts

During the settlement period you will be served by qualified banker

You can open a corporate account at any of our 181 service centers. Liberty bank has the highest number of Service Centers and provides access to more regions of Georgia than any bank.
Each of our Corporate accounts is handled by a banker who is available to our corporate clients at all times.

Corporate Clients
Corporate Accounts can be managed by our clients via Liberty Bank 24 hour online services.


Operation Service Prices

Opening an Account  
Opening an account (GEL, USD, EUR, GBP) Free
Account Statements Free
25 page checkbook GEL 10


Money Transfers  
Transfers between Liberty Bank service centers Free
GEL 0 - 500GEL 1 GEL
500 GEL - 2000 GEL 2 GEL
2000 GEL - 10000 GEL 5 GEL
10000 GEL - 100000 GEL 10 GEL
100000 GEL and above 100 GEL
USD 0.20% with a min. of US$ 15
EUR 0.20% with a min. of US$ 15
Other Currencies 0.20% with a min. of the equivalent of EUR 15 in other currencies
Local remittance inquiries Free
Redirecting or canceling money transfers abroad 50 .00US$ or the equivalent in another currency


Cash Operations  
Cash deposits on your account Free   
Cash withdrawals Free
GEL 0.20%, minimum 1 GEL
Other currencies 0.60%, minimum 1 unit


Currency Exchange Operations  
GEL/USD, GEL/EUR, GEL/GBP According to Liberty Bank exchange rates


Additional Service Prices

Internet Bank  
Monthly Fee Free


Cash Collection  
Cash Collection within Tbilisi 0.20% with a min. of GEL 30 per collection
Cash Collection outside of Tbilisi On an individual basis


Additional Services  
Providing information from archives (on one month operations) Free
Providing information from archives (on more than one month operations) GEL 10 per one operating day
Issuing Certificate GEL 10
Sending fax within Georgia GEL 1
Sending fax abroad GEL 5 per page
Sending a document with fax Actual expenses with a min. of GEL 1\