Consumer Loan

Liberty's new year's campaign for consumer loans.

Liberty's new promotion on consumer loans!

Take out a loan of up to 50,000 GEL and take advantage of any of the conditions:

  • A fixed 5% annual interest rate for the first 3 months (effective from 18.50%)
  • Grace period up to 6 months
  • In case of transfer of one/several loans from another bank - 4.00% will be deducted from the existing rate, min. from 15.50%. Effective from 18.68%.

Keep in mind that the promotion's terms will apply to the current loan if:

- In case of the a fixed 5% offer, the loan amount is increased by at least 10,000 GEL
- In case of the 6-month grace period (on the principal) offer, at least 20% of the existing balance is added to the loan amount

The promotion lasts until December 31 inclusive.