20 April, 2021

For Liberty customers - novelty and special offers at Evex Clinics!

For Liberty customers - novelty and special offers at Evex Clinics!


From today, the partnership between Liberty and Evex Clinics under the #Libertigulit program has become even larger, which means more comfort, advantage and benefits for customers - alongside with the social card holders, teacher customers of Liberty will also be able to benefit from improved and unprecedented terms.

Teachers who are also social card holders will enjoy both types of benefits. At the time of payment, they will be able to choose the preferential ones, the discount of which will be more profitable for them at that moment.

Liberty customer teachers will receive a unique code via SMS for using the special conditions. If this code is deleted or lost, it will be possible to recover and receive it one again with the help of Liberty Hotline: 032 2 55 55 00

Special conditions for social card holders are easy to use – all they have to do is to pay with Liberty social card in Evex clinics at Liberty terminal.

Universal Social Insurance holder social card holders and teachers will also receive discounts on services at Evex Clinics that are not funded by Universal Insurance.

Private insurance holder social card holders will receive a discount on services that are not funded by their insurance or where the insurance limit has expired.

To see the special conditions, go to the link you are interested in: