25 November, 2021

Liberty's new campaign on international money transfer has begun

Liberty's new campaign on international money transfer has begun


"There is a new gift for your transfer" - as part of Liberty's new campaign, the most active customer who receives and/or sends an international money transfer via any Liberty channel during the promotion period will be rewarded with:

  • TOP 10 customers who receive and/or send the most times international money transfers during the campaign will be rewarded with 500 GEL;
  • TOP 10 customers who convert the largest amount of money (International Money Transfer Conversion) during the campaign in Liberty branches and service centers will receive 200 GEL as a gift;
  • Every 10th transfer is guaranteed to be profitable: the customer will instantly receive a cash prize of 10 GEL;

Any customer who receives or sends a money transfer of at least 200 GEL (equivalent to the transfer currency) during the campaign at Liberty Service Centers and branches and/or via remote channels (Internet Banking / Mobile Banking), will automatically get involved in and become the participant of the new International Money Transfer Campaign.

Upon receipt and/or sending of any international money transfer, customers will benefit from a special, best currency exchange rate at Liberty branches and remote channels. The money transfer recipient customer also can get a consumer loan considering the money transfer.

During the campaign period, any customer who does not yet have a Liberty Universal account and performs international money transfer operation (receiving / sending), will receive a standard package as a gift when opening a new account and will be able to use it for free for 6 months.

Detailed conditions of identifying the winner:

  • Delivering the cash prize for every 10th winning customer will be carried out by instantly crediting the money to the account.
  • Winning customers (10 winning customers of both categories) identified by the number of performed transfers and the volume of conversions performed during the campaign will receive their cash prize by crediting the money to the account no later than February 15, 2022.

The promotion started on November 25, 2021, and will continue on January 31, 2021, inclusive.

* Liberty employees will not take part in the promotion;
* The main prize will not be awarded to customers who have already been awarded the main prize during the 2021 money transfer campaigns;

* One unique customer will be rewarded a maximum of 10 times during the whole period of the promotion (total amount 100 (one hundred) GEL);
* In case of the equal number of results in the main prize categories, the amount of money received and sent / the number of conversion transactions will be given preference according to the category.