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Accept contactless payments with PAY POS terminals

Attract new customers and improve the quality of service with a POS terminal equipped with contactless technology, which will allow you to receive payments both with international systems such as Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, as well as local cards.

With Liberty POS terminal you can:

  • Increase sales – you will attract new customers in the form of Liberty plastic card holders, whose number is more than 1,800,000 throughout Georgia.
  • Reduce costs - When paying with a plastic card, the money is transferred directly to your account and you save on other costs related to the collection and cash security.
  • Simplify accounting - Money received from trading and services will be reflected in your account no later than the next business day, which will make it easier for you to record cash flows.
  • Take advantage of Liberty Loyalty program CashBack - CashBack which will allow you to further increase the number of customers. More than 400 facilities are already involved in the loyalty program. For more information:
  • Get extracts at any time you want - daily, weekly, or monthly.

When making payments through Liberty Bank POS terminal, you will enjoy a discounted rate when paying via cards issued by Liberty Bank, partner banks, and partner tax providers. Terminal installation, service, and training of trade facility staff are free.

You can integrate the terminal with the cash register software and reduce customer service time, as well as automatically display information in your system.

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Partner banks:

  • TBC Bank
  • Kartu Bank
  • Tera Bank

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