Blood Donation

Blood Donation

The World Health Organization estimates that the number of blood donors in Georgia is less than it is required. The number of patients in need of a blood donation in Georgia is an average of 60,000 each year, when the number of actual donations does not exceed 37,000.

In 2015, Liberty Bank's head office has hosted various blood donating organizations twice: Natalia Kvantaliani Blood Central Bank and the Blood Transfusing City Station.

While both donations 72 of Liberty Bank employees have donated their blood for free.

Each employee donated from 200 to 500 m / g of blood and in total Liberty Bank donated 21.6 liters of blood.

The employees who donated their blood were offered free clinical and laboratory tests, had their blood group and rhesus determined, hemoglobin checked, as well as had screening research for various infections: B hepatitis, C hepatitis, HIV-AIDS, syphilis. The test results of the donors were confidential, in a sealed envelope.

The mentioned companies provide almost all hospitals with blood and take care of teens with breast cancer and leukemia.