Tbilisoba 2015

Tbilisoba 2015

At "Tbilisoba 2015" within the City Hall’s new project “Guardian of Tbilisi”, Liberty Bank granted the winner with GEL 4,000 in cash.

"Guardian of Tbilisi" award was given to four citizens:

Ilya Chokheli – has been a janitor of Tbilisi for four years and has been keeping the area of the “Rike Park” clean. Ilya was born in Tbilisi and grew up in a boarding school. After graduating school, he has been living in a variety of churches and monasteries. Ilia's life has drastically changed a few years ago, when he took upon himself to raise nine orphans. He never had a family, but these children became big members of his new small family. Due to poverty Ilia takes care of the children with the help of his friends. In addition, Ilya helps socially vulnerable families and thus he has to clean other streets and yards. Ilya is our capital’s janitor, who has no home and his one and only address is Tbilisi.

Torgva Torghvashvili – has been working for Tbilisi rescue service for 13 years. He has witnessed many troubles, but the June 13 tragedy drastically changed Torgva’s work life. His rescue team found itself at the center of the natural disaster and their courage and heroism saved lives of many people.

Giorgi Lomidze - his profession is very diverse and it is called a volunteer. Giorgi has made himself known by his actions when after June 13 he offered free transportation to the victims of the disaster, rescue team members and other volunteer workers.

Arthur Petrov – has been Tbilisi’s watchman for 25 years. It can be said that Artur inherited his profession, because his father was also a watchman. Tbilisi's watchman winds Tbilisi’s main clock every day at 08:00 am, the mechanism of which has not changed since the 1884. Many people may not have noticed, but after every hour the watch plays Revaz laghidze’s famous song - "Tbiliso".

The citizens, who are dedicated to their profession and take part in capitals development, are given the "Guardian of Tbilisi" award annually.