Credit Limit

Get access to financial resources easily

If you have your own business, the Credit Limit is the best way to get pre-approved for the maximum amount of the limit available to you and take advantage of any of the credit products of Liberty instantly, without waiting.

The credit limit for your goals

You can use the credit limit for any purpose. You can get money for business activities, as well as for personal consumer and mortgage purposes.

Advantages of Liberty Credit Limit

  • You will be able to receive money easily, without additional analysis and assessment
  • Pre-determine the creditworthiness of your business in advance
  • You will be able to borrow and repay the loan depending on your and your business’s needs

Credit limit approval is available for the following business sectors and their owners:

  • Production and recycling
  • Trade
  • Hotel industry
  • Restaurant industry
  • Educational and health sector
  • Service sector
  • Agriculture
Currency GEL
Amount of loan 50,001 GEL - 800,000 GEL
Loan term

6 months
Consumer Loan
Mortgage Loan

12 months
Financing of working capital
Financing of fixed assets
Purchase of real estate



loan amount 1 000 – 50 000
SMS Code