Agro insurance installment loan

Insure the crop with 0% installment loan.

Under the state agro insurance program, the insurance premium provides for a subsidy of up to 70%, while the rest of the premium must be covered by the consumer with his own funds. Individuals and legal entities can use agro insurance installments for both state-subsidized and non-subsidized projects. The product can be used on both annual and perennial crops and cattle.

  • 0% installment
  • Grace period due to seasonality
  • Grace period due to seasonality
  • No collateral and other additional costs are required
  • Insurance policy in installments can be purchased at Liberty service centers throughout Georgia


Loan Currency GEL
Interest rate 0%
Effective interest rate 0%
Loan fee 0%
Minimum amount GEL 20
Maximum amount GEL 5000
Minimum term 3 months
Maximum term 24 months