Simplified Mortgage Loan

Buy an apartment with a 0% down payment

If you are planning to buy a new apartment, check out the unique offer of Liberty.

Buy an apartment only based on a simplified income check, under the condition of a "simplified mortgage loan".

Using the "Simplified Mortgage Loan" of Liberty is an easy process:

  • Choose an apartment in Partner Developer Company of Liberty bank
  • Take advantage of the 0% down payment
  • Get 100% financing of the property cost from Liberty

The condition of 0% down payment applies to development projects fully financed by Liberty, the completion of construction of such projects is ensured by Liberty Bank.

Check out the offers of the Partner Developers of Liberty.

Loan Conditions

Loan Amount 10,000 - 200,000 GEL
Term Minimum -  4 months, Maximum in GEL - 240 months
Currency GEL
Interest rate (Nominal and Effective*) Indexed** percent: from 12.7% in GEL, effective from 14,4%;
Collateral Real estate, a guarantee of partner developer 
Income From 500 GEL
Loan fee 0.4 % Min. 50 GEL
Age 18 - 75 Years
Contribution 0%
Co-borrower No more than three co-borrowers are allowed (principal borrower + two co-borrowers)


*Effective interest rate is calculated: 180 months for GEL 200,000

** Index: GEL - refinancing rate of the National Bank of Georgia


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