The Bank’s management recognises that preventing money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crimes is a global issue. We understaand that only joint efforts of all three participants of the fiinancial commmunity, as well as of governments and supra‐national agencies can lead to success in combating those problems. From its side, the Bank is fully committed to preventing the abuse of the financial system and of our products and services, through continuously updating our AML Compliance Policies and meeting new challenges posed by the changing financial environment.  We believe that no customer relationship is worth compromising our commitment to combating money laundering or the financing of terrorist activities. To fulfill this commitment, we have established a senior‐level management position and team dedicated to the task of overseeing policies, practices and procedures with regard to money laundering and terrorist financing. We stand firmly behind our commitment to join forces with the international financial community in fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crimes. In order to ensure monitoring of potentially suspicious transactions, their timely detection and reporting, we invest in technologies that assist us in identifying unusual activity, blocking transactions originated by, or performed for the benefit of the persons on the various “black lists”, such as ones issued by OFAC, EU, UUN list, etc.

Should you or your institution require general information about the Bank’s AML compliance program, please, contact our IR team at ir@libertybank.ge.

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